The video: After revealing the name of her highly anticipated new album, "Born This Way," at the MTV Video Music Awards, Lady Gaga is now revealing how "relieved" that revelation left her. "I'm like living in my new album and the least I could do was freaking tell you all the title," Gaga told screaming fans at a Philadelphia concert. "I have never worked so hard on anything my whole life. I wanna go to sleep just thinking about it." The album will "change the world," Gaga has told RWD Magazine, and she gave the Philly crowd a taste by performing a ballad titled "You and I", which she calls the anthem for her generation.
The reaction
: "Lady Gaga is clearly not suffering from low self-esteem, says MusicFix, but why would she be? She just won eight VMA moon men, including Video Of The Year. "Whoa, pretty big statements Gaga... let's hope the album is as well-received as you think it will be," warns Orange UK, noting that the pop star has acknowledged her arrogance and asked fans to let her be "confident." Watch Gaga perform "You and I" in Philly: