The video: Gentleman, put on your dancing shoes — researchers at a British university have discovered the secrets to attracting women on the dancefloor. The Northumbria University in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne hooked 19 young men up to sensors and recorded their movements as they danced to a "basic rhythm." A group of 39 young women were then shown the moves — recreated with a generic digital avatar — and asked which were the most appealing. Among several "key predictors of dance quality," budding Patrick Swayzes should maximize the "variability and amplitude of movements of the neck and trunk, and speed of movements of the right knee." You can watch examples of a "good dancer" and a "bad dancer" in the videos below.

The reaction: So what women really like is "high kicks, florid arm-waving, 'the running man,' and faceless guys in body suits," says Max Read in Gawker. Well hold on, says Joseph Calamia in Discover Magazine. "As far as we know, the avatars did not get any of the women's numbers." The real question here is how the better dancer managed to "whip out so many crazy moves" to what the researchers described as a simple drum beat, says Alejandro Martinez-Cabrera in the San Francisco Chronicle. Maybe being a dancefloor lothario demands "a real pent-up urge to party"?

The 'good'dancing avatar:

And the 'bad' dancing avatar: