Pop sensation Lady Gaga has posed for the cover of Japanese Vogue wearing nothing but a bikini made of raw red meat. Slabs of beef dangle strategically over the singer's slender frame, and a steak sits atop her head like a beret. The cover has provoked enraged responses from animal-rights groups. "No matter how beautifully it is represented, flesh from a tortured animal is flesh from a tortured animal," PETA's Ingrid Newkirk told the Daily Mail. Has Gaga finally gone too far?

A desperate act from hypocrite Gaga: This photo makes us "nauseous," says Julia at ThisDishIsVegetarian.com. It was just a year ago that Lady Gaga pledged "never to wear animal skins." Now, she's draped herself in the actual flesh of animals. Once an icon, Gaga is now "yet another celebrity trying too hard to stay in the spotlight at all costs."
"Lady Gaga dons outfit made out of meat for Vogue cover"

It's pretty typical Gaga behavior: Are you really surprised?, asks the Guardian. Gaga is known for her "outre approach to costuming," and she is "at least as much a performance artist as a singer." Appearing "artfully semi-draped in shanks of beef carpaccio" is par for the course these days, isn't it?
"Pass notes, No 2,843: Lady Gaga"

She should try being normal for once: Gaga's stunts are getting increasingly "tiresome," says Mary Elizabeth Williams in Salon. "Where does one go after one has been in Vogue in a beef bikini -- and managed to bore us with it?" A really bold move would be for Gaga to appear as herself. "She could, for the first time in a long time, surprise us. And we'd have somebody to fall in love with all over again."
"It's official: We're sick of Lady Gaga"