The video: Clear Blue Tuesday, a low-budget indie musical shot in only 19 days, follows the lives of 11 characters affected by the September 11 attacks on New York's World Trade Center as the years go by. (Watch the trailer below.) The mostly unknown cast helped compose the film's songs which range, the New York Times reports, from a "hair-metal piece about playing the drums" to a meditation on a sci-fi wedding ceremony. "I have very little interest, as a director, in naturalism," director Elizabeth Lucas told the Times. "I find naturalism a little pedestrian."
The reactionThe filmmakers believe the "traumatic events of 9/11" are an ideal backdrop to explore "issues of personal growth," says Frank Scheck at The Hollywood Reporter. But the "amateurish" mix of tragedy and song, not to mention "the obvious self-regard by nearly everyone involved... leaves a bad taste in one's mouth." But at least the project has its heart in the right place, says Jason Linkins at The Huffington Post. The film "clearly believes in the power of art to heal." Watch the trailer here: