The video: "They say you should fear me, suspect me, hate me..." So begins a new public service announcement released by the grassroots American Muslim group, My Faith, My Voice, designed to counter the growing national hostility towards their community provoked by the 'Ground Zero mosque' furor (watch below). A series of Muslim individuals — some in traditional clothing, others conspicuously unremarkable — directly address the camera, reassuring viewers that they "don't want to take over this county," and "don't support terrorism of any form."
The reaction
: It's a powerful message, says Jon Bershad in Mediaite, but the mere fact that Muslims feel the need to "seriously and without irony" promise not to take over America is rather depressing. Still, says David Gibson in Politics Daily, the group did manage to pull off "a patriotic flourish worthy of Glenn Beck's rally," concluding with the not-so-subtle message that Muslims want what all Americans want: Life, liberty, peace and happiness. Here's the ad: