Alex Rodriguez, the New York Yankees superstar slugger, became the seventh player in baseball history to hit 600 career home runs. At age 35, Rodriguez — almost universally known as "A-Rod" — is the youngest player to have reached the milestone, and he did it in the fewest amount of games (2,267, to be precise). But A-Rod's 600th homer proved to be remarkably elusive. Yankee fans were forced to wait 13 days and 17 at-bats for the third baseman to deliver. It finally came off a fast ball from Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Shaun Marcum in a game that ended in a 5-1 victory for the Bronx Bombers. "What an accomplishment," says Steve Henn in Bleacher Report. A-Rod has finally regained his waning form with the "big 600" and it was "beautiful to see." It's certainly an achievement, says former baseball commissioner Fay Vincent in Fox News, but one that is tarnished by Rodriguez's admission that he used performance-enhancing drugs early in his career. His record will stand, but "the sunlight of our knowledge can be counted upon to burn away much of the shine." And it's only a number, says Barry Petchesky in Deadspin. It will give Yankee fans something to crow about, and fill "plenty of inches of copy," but at the end of the day "it's inherently meaningless." Watch A-Rod's 600th homer here: