The push to legalize marijuana may finally be going mainstream. "A transpartisan coalition of prosecutors, judges, cops, students, bloggers and political operatives on both sides of the aisle," reports The Huffington Post, has launched a campaign to end marijuana prohibition. "One-time opponents of legalization are eyeing marijuana's tax revenue and job-creation prospects — conditions that helped repeal alcohol prohibition during the Great Depression." Adapting its name from Nancy Reagan's famed anti-drug slogan, "Just Say Now" aims to drive voter turnout for the mid-term elections in states like California, Oregon, and South Dakota, where pro-marijuana initiatives are on the ballot. While Chris Good in The Atlantic agrees that legalization is "gaining momentum" with voters on both the Left and Right, Jacob Sullum in Reason disputes Just Say Now's non-partisan claims: This same-old campaign is saturated with liberal activists, he says, but more conservatives should opt in if only to "bash Barack Obama's record in this area." Watch Jane Hamsher, founder of blog, which helped launch the coalition: