The Taiwanese media company that brought the world a fanciful CGI dramatizations of Tiger Woods' car crash and a fistfight between Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno have struck again. This time, Next Media Animation has taken greater-than-usual liberties in telling the tale of Apple's recent spate of PR troubles, portraying Apple CEO Steve Jobs as a Darth Vaderesque supervillain who throttles tech blogger Jason Chen and cuts off a disgruntled customer's fingers with a lightsaber. Actually, the "Star Wars metaphor" is apt, says Ron Hogan at Popfi, and NMA has created "one of the best wrap-ups" yet of Apple's many blunders in 2010. I find the treatment irritating and disorienting, says Tai-Pan at The videos include an "obvious bias," but it's not always clear what's real from what's invented. Watch the video: