Lindsay Lohan is going to jail, after Beverly Hills Judge Marsha Revel sentenced the sobbing actress to 90 days for breaking the terms of her parole for driving while intoxicated. This is a sad, new low for a 24-year-old "Hollywood wild child" who, as a "squeaky-clean" 12-year-old ingenue, pledged she was "going to stay normal," says Bill Hutchison in the New York Daily News. It's hard to say if she deserves to go to jail, says Reuters film critic Bill Tourtellote, since she clearly fell off the wagon but also did just about "everything Judge Revel ordered her to do." Others may take "voyeuristic pleasure" in watching her melt down, or piddle away her "tremendous talent," says David Wild in The Huffington Post, "but I'm still rooting for her to pull a Robert Downey Jr. and come back stronger than ever." Watch Lohan being sentenced, and reprimanded, by Judge Revel: