Online television company Hulu has announced the launch of its highly anticipated subscription service, Hulu Plus. For $10 per month, users will have access to thousands of programs and other videos, including current and past seasons of popular shows like "The Office" and "30 Rock." Non-subscribers will still be able to watch the five most recent episodes, free. Hulu Plus will be available through Internet-connected televisions, iPads, iPhones, and Sony's PlayStation 3, and it will be available on Xbox 360 by next year. But can an online TV service compete with cable? Absolutely, says Matt Buchanan in Gizmodo. There's no reason to "pay for cable" when Hulu Plus allows you to watch most of your favorite shows on nearly every screen you own. "Hello, future of television." Hulu shouldn't get its hopes up, says Ryan Whitwam in Maximum PC. "It looks like the fee won't get rid of the ads," and a lot of people will be turned off if they're expected to sit through commercials and pay a fee, too. Watch a promo video about Hulu Plus below: