American soccer fans are condemning a referee's decision after a disallowed goal prevented Team USA from a World Cup victory against Slovenia today. After falling behind 2-0 in the first half, the Americans rebounded to the tie the game and would have pulled ahead had Maurice Edu's strike — in the 86th minute of the game — not been disallowed by a referee with a history of controversy (Ask Tunisian fans, who've started a Facebook campaign against him). "It is unclear whether [the ref] waved off the... goal as a sort of makeup call for having awarded the Americans a free kick they didn’t deserve," speculates Jeff Z. Klein in The New York Times, "but the Americans were certainly upset." Damn right, says Will Leitch at New York Magazine. We "would have won this blasted thing" had it not been for that "inexplicable call." But this "thrilling, epic game" surely made one thing clear: "We don't want to hear from anyone, ever again, that soccer is boring." Watch the controversy unfold: