Canadian conservatives soon will have a place to get fair and balanced news of their own with the launch of Sun TV, the country's answer to Fox News. The 24-hour news network, scheduled to start broadcasting in 2011, is being launched by media company Quebecor, which publishes Canada's conservative Sun newspaper chain. Kory Teneycke, the channel's vice president of development, says it will be "controversially Canadian." The biggest question facing pundits is whether the Fox formula will catch on north of the border. This might "bring a good number of Canadians to their feet in applause," says Chris Selley in the National Post. Many of us are tired of the "smug, condescending, irrelevant, and politically correct journalism out there." If Sun TV is "smart, fun and only occasionally ridiculous," it could be a real hit. But Fox News is a poor model, says Dan Leger in the Chronicle Herald. The last thing Canada needs is that network's brand of "politicized, agenda-driven reportage with a predictable cast of heroes and villains." Watch the trailer for Sun TV here: