Residents of Monroe, Ohio would be forgiven for giving way to apocalyptic fears this week after the town's famous "King of Kings" statue of Jesus Christ was destroyed by a freak bolt of lightning. One of the outstretched arms of the 62-foot fibreglass sculpture was struck on Monday evening, sparking a fire that burned it to the ground and caused $400,000 of damage to the adjoining church. Officials at the Solid Rock Church have already declared that the distinctive sculpture — known locally as "Touchdown Jesus" — will rise again. I'm tempted to "assign some 'higher' meaning" to this, says Mark Herringshaw at Beliefnet. Even though I know it's a random act of nature, "something in me grapples for more." Perhaps it proves that God "has a great sense of humor," says David Taffet at the Dallas Voice. Apparently He was serious when He said "no graven images." Watch the inferno, captured on video by a local witness: