Who will appropriate Lady Gaga's hit video "Telephone" next? First, burly soldiers went viral with their YouTube take on the clip and now a heavily made-up toddler, known inevitably as Baby Gaga, is having her way with it. Keira Ladrow, 3, prances and poses, at times with barely dressed women dancing behind her. Though bloggers were quick to call the clip "creepy," Keira's mom, Heidi Ladrow, told CBS' "The Early Show" that the spoof was all in good fun: "It has to be a little outrageous because Lady Gaga's videos are outrageous." Baby Gaga's mother is clearly in denial, says Andrea Bonior at Express Night Out, but the "dangers of sexualization of young girls" are no joke. "While I am not usually into dressing up your child and making them perform like an exploited circus monkey for the applause of the computer owning public," counters Maralee at Babble, this "epically awesome" video is "just so good and the kids look like they’re having a great time." Watch the CBS report (including excerpts from the video) below: