Remember the plus-size Lane Bryant lingerie commercials deemed too 'racy' for network TV while Victoria's Secret ads aired uncut? Lane Bryant is attempting to have the last laugh by linking to a spoof ad (created by Landline TV) on its blog, but the spot — which shows a bewigged skeleton sporting a bra for "everyday, normal, perfect women... specifically designed to air on Fox and ABC" — is far from universally admired. Lane Bryant claims it wants to accept beauty at all sizes, says Tracy Clark-Flory at Salon, but this "uninspired" ad is framed as a "big girls versus little girls showdown." So much for sisterly acceptance. It's understandable that some people think this is a "tasteless joke," says Jessica Wakeman at The Frisky, but I prefer to see it as "biting social commentary on body image standards." Decide for yourself by watching the video here: