Google claims its new Google TV software, due out this Fall, will integrate television with the internet to create "one seamless experience." The free software, which works with existing cable or satellite boxes (and will be built-in to new Sony and Logitech products), reportedly allows users to watch online videos or browse websites on a TV set while applying Google's justly famous search skills to the hunt for favorite shows. But is it the TV "revolution" some expected? Not likely, says Lance Ulanoff in PC Magazine. "Google TV is by no means the first service to try to combine TV and the Web." So it's going to have to succeed where others — even Apple — have failed. True, says Vince Veneziani in Business Insider. But Apple and Tivo, too "better wake up." It's clear "that Google has an incredible next-generation product on their hands," and Apple may want to abandon its own "lacklustre" efforts and get involved, "especially when Google TV goes open source in 2011." Watch a preview of Google TV: