Google revamped its market-leading search engine this week, rolling out a new set of features that the company says will make "it easier than ever to find exactly what you're looking for." The main addition is a new navigation bar down the left side of the screen that—in the view of many commentators—bears a striking resemblance to a similar feature on Microsoft's competing search engine, Bing. "Look, I know," says Andy Beal in Market Pilgrim. Google's not copying Bing—it's been working on this interface for a long time. "But, that’s not the story I’d be telling the media, if I were Bing." The change is certainly "puzzling," says Jared Newman in PC World. "Even Microsoft has admitted that people often ignore" its "nav bar" feature. If Google's smart, it'll "let users revert back to what wasn't broken and didn't need fixing." Watch a video about Google's new features: