The media is abuzz about George Rekers, the Christian leader and anti-gay activist who's claiming he took a male escort on a 10-day vacation as a combination luggage assistant and research subject ("I deliberately spend time with sinners with the loving goal to try to help them," said the Baptist minister via Facebook). Rekers is the same man, notes Dan Savage in the Portland, Ore., Mercury, who was paid $87,000 to testify against gay adoption in Florida. He clearly "believes that gay people shouldn't be allowed to adopt boys. Only rent them."

Today, a group called Californians Against Hate formally asked the Justice Department to investigate Rekers and the conservative group Family Research Council he co-founded in 1988 with James Dobson: "With so many problems around the close associates of ... Dobson and Tony Perkins, we need to know the truth." Meanwhile, Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert took Rekers to task for "publicly condemning man love while privately being man's best friend"—with the help of a topless cameraman. Watch the clip: