Basketball and politics rarely mix. But in an NBA playoff game tonight, the Phoenix Suns are planning to don jerseys that read "Los Suns" as a protest against Arizona's new immigration law, which many critics say will lead to racial profiling against Hispanics. Suns owner Robert Sarver reportedly came up with the idea for a Cinco de Mayo-themed protest, and the players approved it. "[The law] opens up the potential for...racism," said the Suns' star point-guard Steve Nash. Some commentators think the display is out of place, though. It's a tacky "stunt," says Michelle Malkin on her website. Maybe "Sarver should stop shoving politics down his ticket-buyers’ throats."  Actually, NBA owners have reason to be involved in this issue, says Matthew Yglesias in Think Progress, because "the flow of foreign talent to our shores makes the NBA a better product." Watch Steve Nash talk about the decision below: