Producers of the hit reality series "Jersey Shore" are illegally profiting off fights provoked by cast member Ronnie Magro, according to a recently filed lawsuit. Lawyers representing three men who brawled on-camera with the muscular Magro — including a Monmouth Beach, NJ police officer who claims to have lost his job over the incident — allege that the producers' conduct amounts to "racketeering," and are seeking unspecified financial damages. But some observers say the suit seems like a long shot. "I worked in reality television for quite a while," says Shawn Norris in Guyism, and the "airtight" contracts "people sign in order to be on television" all but guarantee "this suit will get tossed out of court." All I know, says Brian Mylan in Gawker, is that the legal proceedings "better not impede the second season of the most important sociological experiment of our time." Watch a clip of one of the fights: