Laura Bush's upcoming memoir, Spoken from the Heart — leaked to the press this week — has come up short on the "revelations" front, with one exception: Her moving account of the guilt she felt when she ran a stop sign as a teenager driver in 1963, killing a friend. The former first lady also delves into politics, but not, say some critics, satisfyingly. The memoir paints a "revealing and evocative" picture of her youth in rural Texas, writes Michiko Kakutani in The New York Times, but "sheds not the faintest light" on her husband's Presidency. How calm a person must Laura Bush be, marvels Steven Levingston in The Washington Post. Throughout a presidency marked by "intense partisanship," she cannot "muster anything more than an aghast gee-whiz" at her and her husband's treatment by the media. Here's a CNN discussion of her book's more contentious details: