Dr. Jack Kevorkian, a reserved Michigan physician who helped terminally ill patients commit suicide in the '90s, sparked fierce debate over the right to die. Not the sort, perhaps, that brings to mind Al Pacino, a notoriously florid actor. Yet HBO cast Pacino in its new Kevorkian biopic, You Don't Know Jack, airing April 25. Brilliantly counter-intuitive? Unfortunately not, says Verne Gay in the Victoria Advocate: Pacino's Kevorkian "comes perilously close to mimicking Peter Falk as Columbo," eccentric but unfathomable. Chuck Barney in the San Jose Mercury News disagrees: Pacino pulls it off. The aging actor "exudes an understated intensity as the single-minded, feisty underdog." Watch a behind-the-scenes look at You Don't Know Jack: