Bad news for those who like tantrums and tears: Kate Gosselin has been eliminated from ABC's "Dancing With the Stars." The consistently vexed mom of 8 children ("Jon and Kate Plus Eight") failed to find favor with the judges, and this week, voters deserted her too. What undid her? (Watch an E! report about Kate Gosselin's exit.)

Gosselin fundamentally can't dance:
Judge Bruno Tonioli, as quoted by, characterized Gosselin's attempt to fox trot as "distant" and "catatonic," adding that Kate's professional dancer Tony Dovolani would have been able to wring "more life out of a frock and a coat hanger."
"Kate Gosselin worse than a coat hanger on dance floor"

Worse, she barely attempted to learn: Her dance partner Tony Dovolani did his best to "teach, inspire and cajole" Gosselin into improving her "grim and forced" dance moves, says Jacquie Oliverius at The Silicon Valley Mercury News. Her final performance was spectacularly listless: Gosselin "walked, not danced."
"Finally Kate Gosselin's time is up"

At least, her apathy was novel: "Thank you, Ms. Gosselin, for bringing some unpredictability to prime-time television," says Dave Itzkoff at The New York Times, and for "providing endless fodder for blogs and daytime television talk shows." It was almost touching when Gosselin's "mannequin-like mien gave way to honest-to-goodness tears" after she got the boot.
"'Dancing with the Stars' minus Kate"