Lovers of traditional theater beware: The creators of "South Park" are coming to Broadway. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are teaming up with Robert Lopez, co-creator of puppet musical Avenue Q, to produce a Broadway show about mormonism. The Book of Mormon, set to open in March 2011, will reportedly "juxtapose a tale of two young Mormon missionaries with the story of Joseph Smith, who founded Mormonism in the 19th century," according to The New York Times.

Given the mockery South Park has heaped on Catholicism and Scientology, some in the Mormon brotherhood are already worried. Latter-Day Saints should brace themselves for "biting satire at the expense of their culture and most sacred beliefs and history," says Joel Campbell at the Mormon Times. Meanwhile, Mormon blogger John Dehlin welcomes the news, saying it will give the church much-needed publicity. "The Jews got Fiddler. The Catholics got The Sound of Music," he tells the Salt Lake Tribune. For a (possible) taste of what's to come, watch this clip from "South Park":