If a man takes a picture of his bare chest and texts it to a female friend does that constitute "sexting"? Tech bloggers have been fiercely debating this question since Microsoft featured just such a sequence in an ad for its new Kin smart phone. The controversy has prompted the software giant to pull the commercial. Mike Gikas in Consumer Reports says that the ad indeed comes "uncomfortably close to advocating sexting," which parents, police, and teachers say is already a problem among young teens. But Steve Hall in AdRants says the actor isn't sexting, for a simple reason: "Guys don't have breasts." And even though the ad riled up some parents, says Ben Deitz in Switched, Microsoft should be more concerned about the damage it did to its credibility among Kin's young target demographic when it caved and pulled the spot.

Does the pectoral pic in Microsoft's Kin ad encourage "sexting"? See the Kin ad below: