Most observers might already consider Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers a little crazy. After all, the venture capital firm started a $100 million "iFund" in 2008 to invest in iPhone application developers. Now, KPCB is so confident in Apple's new iPad that it's doubled that iFund to $200 million to invest in iPad apps. According to the New York Times, KPCB's somewhat giddy announcement featured a short poem recited by partner Bing Gordon:

“Twas the night before the iPad and all though the house,
not a creature was stirring,
except the whole family was trying to throw away the mouse.”

Gordon's poetic effort was quickly mocked by All Thing's Digital's tech commentator, John Paczkowski, in a piece called "Welcome to my World, iPad (April, 2010)"

Welcome to the world, iPad, we’ve been awaiting you for months.
You give my hands an article of lust they both can touch at once.
3 Billion downloads in two years from 150,000 titles in App Store,
We’ve seen previews under NDA that will drive many billions more.

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