Judging from recent developments, Conan O'Brien's ousting from the "Tonight Show" have been an odd blessing. As negotiations continue regarding a O'Brien show on the Fox Network this fall, Deadline Hollywood reports that "early talks are underway" to give his upcoming live-comedy tour, Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television, a "documentary feature treatment." Will people line up for Conan: The Movie?

Not if it's a simple concert-style film: I'm not "convinced," says Edmund Mullins at Black Book. Will "scads of people" want to "pay at the multiplex" for what they can "normally get for free at home?" I don't think so.
"Conan O'Brien to become movie star"

This has serious potential: Comedy value aside, says Monika Bartyzel at Cinematical, the proposed documentary also has "potential" as a seriously insightful drama. The story of how Conan's crew "dropped it all to go to LA," got "axed" after 7 months, and then "cooked up a live show" to stay "gainfully employed" has built-in narrative appeal.
"Conan O'Brien heads for the big screen"

If nothing else, this is bad news for the Twitterati: Fans enjoying O'Brien's recent, loopy Twitter updates will be disappointed, says Bryan Alexander at NBC Connecticut. If this docu project goes forward, it's doubtful the "busiest comic alive" will be able to carry on "interviewing squirrels in his backyard," and Tweeting the results to his bemused following.
"Conan O'Brien juggles comedy with movie and hosting talks"