The trailer for “Valentine’s Day” boasts all the strategic ingredients of the obligatory February 14 romantic comedy: Toothsome stars (Julia Roberts, Ashton Kutcher), daffy mishaps, heart-tugging romance, and vibrator jokes. Conspicuously missing, however, is any trace of the homosexual relationship between characters played by Bradley Cooper and Eric Dane. While New Line Studio claims it selectively edited the promo to “surprise” moviegoers, critics say it’s part of a new Hollywood trend: The "de-gaying” of trailers — also seen in a curiously heterosexualized teaser for Tom Ford’s overtly gay-themed “A Single Man.” Is Hollywood afraid of turning off mainstream audiences? Watch the “Valentine’s Day” trailer, plus both the gay and straight versions of the “A Single Man” promo, below.

The "Valentine's Day" trailer:

The openly gay "A Single Man" trailer:

The "A Single Man" trailer —"de-gayed" version: