Sandra Bullock's had a odd week. Last Monday, she got hit by a Worst Actress nod from the Golden Raspberry Awards for her work in the flop comedy, "All About Steve." The next day, she received an Academy Award "Best Actress" nomination for her portrayal of "The Blind Side"'s feisty supermom. As unlikely as it sounds, some critics are predicting that Bullock could be crowned both best and worst actress in Hollywood this year. True/Slant's Christopher Roy Correa says her "tart yet vulpine" turn in the otherwise "bogus" "The Blind Side" is indeed Oscar worthy, while Joseph Pedro at Passport Magazine — who was "tortured" by "All About Steve" on a recent flight — says Bullock's "painfully awful" performance led his fellow passengers to stand up and spin around "like restless dogs." Watch Bullock respond to the seemingly contradictory acclaim: