Oprah Winfrey has announced that she'll be filming a one-hour Christmas special at the White House featuring interviews with both the President and first lady Michelle Obama. Given the controversy over Oprah's 2007 decision to throw her star-power behind Obama's bid for the Democratic nomination, the news of the holiday special has provoked rather emphatic reactions. (Watch Oprah "unleash" for Obama after his 2008 election win)

This summit represents a unique opportunity: "It's always fascinating to see how the president acts in every day situations with his family when he's off-duty. We can't wait!" says Bridget Daly at Hollyscoop.

Do we really need another love-in? "Topics to include President Obama's founding of Christianity," cracks Anthony Dick at National Review.

Ego-fests are hardly in the spirit of Christmas: "Two mega-celebrities with Jesus complexes coming together in honor of the actual Jesus. Perfect. All they need now is a cameo from Bono and the circle will be complete," says Allahpundit at Hot Air.

Whatever else you think, it's a big "get" for Oprah: "Take that, Barbara Walters! Not so fast with that ascension to the upper echelon, Robin Roberts. Back off, Diane Sawyer. Oprah Winfrey has an 'in' with the First Family," says Allison Waldman at TV Squad.

It's a ratings disaster in waiting: "Christmas time and politics? Good luck with that. This bad idea" will inevitably disappoint in the ratings, says Dan Riehl at Riehl World View.