Director Lars von Trier's Antichrist is "a film of awkwardness, confusion, and great beauty," said Anthony Lane in The New Yorker. Starring Willem Dafoe as a psychologist trying to treat his distraught wife (Charlotte Gainsbourg) after the death of their toddler, Antichrist (watch the trailer) is "shocking" and "horrific." But "even at his most objectionable," Lars von Trier "can summon a wealth of images that defy explanation."

"Antichrist is a confrontational film that dances between the sublime, the mundane, and the shocking," said Scott Weinberg in, "with little to no regard for audience expectations." This "nightmarish" movie is at times "fascinating," but it's also "slightly tiresome" and "pretty savage," and viewers will likely find it "brilliant, repugnant, or somewhere in between."

They may also find it to be "a thoroughly pretentious and unpleasant wallow that tortures its audience for no apparent reason," said Alonso Duralde in This "tasteless" movie "is so over-the-top—and its storytelling so divorced from humanity—that I found myself unflinchingly staring" at its "violence, unaffected by any of the mutilations and monstrosities being paraded in front of me."

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