Lindsay Lohan better "clean up her act if she doesn't want to end up in jail," said The troubled starlet appeared in court on Friday for violating her probation, related to her DUI arrest last year: Apparently, Lindsay hasn't been adhering to the terms of her alcohol-education treatment, so Judge Marsha Revel "gave her a final warning" and tacked another year of probation onto her sentence. Seems "fair enough"—now "it's really up to Lindsay."

Lohan doesn't seem to be taking this too seriously, said Tori Richards and Todd Venezia in the New York Post. "The diva showed up a fashionable 90 minutes late" to her hearing, and Judge Revel really just gave her a "slap-on-the-wrist." And the "court officers acted like doormen at a posh Sunset Strip club," clearing out "a section so the screen star's people could sit more comfortably—about the only thing they didn't provide was bottle service."

Michael Lohan, Lindsay's dad, still wasn't happy with the judge's decision, said Allie Is Wired, so he's "gearing up to take action" to ensure his daughter gets the help "she so desperately needs." He said he's going to do "whatever it takes to get Lindsay clean"—he even said "he's calling out her dealer" and going to "kidnap" and "detox" Lindsay himself if he has to.