New York, I Love You is an "innovative multipaneled portrait" of the Big Apple, said Erica Abeel in the Hollywood Reporter. This "collage of vignettes" from 10 filmmakers, including Mira Nair and Brett Ratner,has a "breathless style," and most of the films succeed "remarkably" in nailing the "serendipitous flavor of love, New York–style." (watch the trailer for New York, I Love You)

This "omnibus ride" through New York is "well worth looking into," said Carrie Rickey in The Philadelphia Inquirer. While it is "more diverting than lovable," this portmanteau film is a "terrific showcase for appealing actors," such as Chris Cooper and Robin Wright Penn, and serves up a "dinner of appetizers that are individually tasty, if not completely satisfying."

Unfortunately, said Rene Rodriguez in The Miami Herald, the "duds outnumber the winners." Too many of the tales in New York, I Love You are either "obvious to the point of boredom" or "precious to the point of irrelevance." There is only one advantage to the movie's 10-part structure: "If you don't like the movie you're watching, a new one will begin just a few minutes later."

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