Carly Simon is not happy with Starbucks, said Daniel Kreps in Rolling Stone. The 64-year-old singer-songwriter has hired "heavyweight" attorney David Boies and is suing the coffee chain for "failing to properly promote" her 2007 album This Kind of Love through its Hear Music record label. Simon's hoping to collect  up to $10 million, claiming that the album's "failure" has forced her to continue her career and made it hard for her to "find and pay producers."

Give me a break, said Perez Hilton. "A bomb is a bomb, Carly!" Just because your album didn't do well doesn't mean it's Starbucks' fault. "Even after heavier promotion in the New York and Boston areas," Starbucks said sales for This Kind of Love never really picked up. People just weren't that interested in the album, Ms. Simon, so "get over it and move on."

Whether the album's failure was the fault of the music or Starbucks "is debatable," said Jeffrey Hyatt in Beat Crave. For one thing, This Kind of Love wasn't even "sold exclusively at Starbucks." But "it's hard not to admire Simon for standing her ground"—if Starbucks "didn't hold up their end of the bargain then by all means," they should pay up.