A new movie about the life of Moses has the potential "to offend millions of Christians and Jews alike," said Brandon Fibbs in Christianity Today. Twentieth Century Fox has announced plans to film a version of the Biblical story "in the style of" Zach Snyder's "pornographically violent film" 300. That's all we need: Moses transformed "from a weak leader, terrified of his calling and dependant on God for every ounce of his strength into a revolutionary figure who employs violence to attain his ends."

Hollywood writers do have a tendency to modernize a story to "such a degree that it no longer resembles the original tale," said Paul Young in Screen Rant. A few years ago, NBC made a "TV movie about Noah and the flood and it was horrible." But as "a Christian," I've always thought that stories from the Bible are "ripe for the cinematic picking"—they contain "greed, sex, lust, war, intrigue," and much more. If done properly, a new Moses movie could be great.

It's certainly one way to "make kids more interested in the Bible," said Tony Lang in JoBlo.com, and the filmmakers plan on drawing from other "historical and mythological sources" as well. But of course, there could be a trade off: "Ramses might be 10 feet tall and full o'bling"—and wrapped in "latex." And there's sure to be "lots of CG, rippling pecs and slow-motion blood splatter all over" the place.