Miley Cyrus may have quit Twitter, said Tanner Stransky in Entertainment Weekly, but "she certainly hasn't stopped her personalized dispatches to fans." The Hannah Montana star recently posted a video on YouTube in which she raps that her No. 1 reason for leaving was that "she wants to keep her personal things personal." It's odd, then, that she chose to say goodbye by posting a personal message on another site. (watch Miley Cyrus' 'Goodbye Twitter video)

Cyrus added insult to injury by delivering her "beating on tweeting" on YouTube, said Chris Matyszcyk in CNET News. Losing Cyrus was already "clearly a disaster for Twitter," as she gave her nearly 2 million followers a big reason for staying loyal to the microblogging site. "After her painful and dramatic departure, how can coming generations take the brand seriously?"

This breakup may hurt Twitter, said Lucy Jones in the London Daily Telegraph, but it could turn out to be the "smartest move" of Miley Cyrus' career. Although her followers will miss her ("on a Twitter thread called #mileycomeback, the depth of the void Cyrus has left in the world is palpable"), she seems to understand that "Twitter has a shelf-life, like Facebook," and that we are possibly "beginning to see its downfall."