Michael Jackson's first posthumous single is "a whopper," said Dan Aquilante in the New York Post. "This Is It" (listen here), the title track to the upcoming Jackson documentary, is "an optimistic, R&B ballad with an upbeat, percolating rhythm that has all the bombast and power of his New Jack Swing period of the early '90s." If this is the kind of song Jackson was working on for his comeback London concerts, he may have been headed for "an artistic renaissance."

Actually, "the song was reportedly written in 1980," said Gil Kaufman in MTV News, which "might explain the lyrical similarities" to the hits on Jackson's early solo albums like Off the Wall and Thriller. And "This Is It" was reportedly recorded during sessions for Jackson's 1991 Dangerous album. This is vintage Jackson, so this "heartstring-tugging song could become one of the late pop star's best-selling singles."

And there's plenty more where this came from, said Todd Martens in the Los Angeles Times. Nobody knows how many more unreleased songs lie "in the Jackson vaults," but it's "been reported and speculated that enough material for multiple albums exists." Let's hope that what follows is better than "This Is It," though. This song "won't embarrass Jackson's legacy," but it is "a trifle" that brings "the fallen pop icon a little back down to earth."