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Results: With some environmentalists campaigning against super-soft toilet paper because its extra cushy fibers come from old-growth trees, we asked you to predict the name of the most environmentally friendly TP possible. You went on a tear with—

FIRST PRIZE: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Sandpaper!
Ava Davis, Newberg, OH  
SECOND PRIZE: Pulp Friction
David Ringold, New Haven, CT
THIRD PRIZE: Tough Sheet!
Gina Bryant, Calabasas, CA

Alison Bradshaw, Maplewood, NJ (and others)

Hard Ash
Cydney Wong, Athens, OH

Fiber Two
Jim Metzger, Santa Rosa, CA
Thistle B Soft
Bob Linfors, Miami, FL
Rough and Shreddy
Wendi Beatty, Cupertino, CA
Daisy Michael, Westminster, MD
Leaves of Grass
Perry M. Perretz, Redding, CT
Sandi Wipes
Rox Stragier, Poway, CA
Knotty and Nice
Marshall Dunlap, Kent, WA
Brawny Personal
Bill Muse, Seattle
Adam Had ‘Em Fig Leaf Toilet Paper
Susan Thompson, Lockhart, TX
Michael Dries, Hopkins, MN
Tough Tushie
Christine Shuler, Sunnyside, NY (and others)
John Lippert, Atlanta
Scratch ‘n Save
Stacey Dennick, Sebastopol, CA
Rock Bottom
Virginia Hall, Stone Mountain, GA (and others)
Eric Wallace, Boise
The Newspaper: Read It and Wipe
Lisa R Katz, Cherry Hill, NJ