So-called women's groups need to get their priorities straight, said Martha Zoller in Human Events. The National Organization for Women scolded David Letterman after the "slutty stewardess" remark he made about Sarah Palin, but NOW hasn't said a word about Letterman's "abuse of his power" by having sex with women on his staff. "This goes beyond sexual harassment. Letterman is a predator, and for that he should be fired by CBS."

On what grounds? said Maureen Dowd in The New York Times. "Sexual harassment entails pressuring or penalizing a staffer or making the office atmosphere hostile," and nobody who works for Letterman has ever accused "the curmudgeonly comedian" of that. One of his lovers "described herself as his best friend," and former Letterman intern Holly Hester said she wanted to marry Letterman, but he broke off their relationship over the age difference.

David Letterman didn't even violate company policy, said Tim Goodman in the San Francisco Chronicle, because his production company, Worldwide Pants, owns the show—not CBS—and it doesn't restrict management-employee relationships. "Letterman's probably not going to get many people thinking that sleeping with the help is a good idea." But as long as no woman comes forward saying she was pressured into an affair, this is a case of "sketchy behavior," not sexual harassment.