The Spice Girls are planning another comeback, said Perez Hilton, but there's a catch: Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, won't be joining the group. But "although Victoria is currently the most famous" of the five, "the girls have no doubt they'll be able to cope without her" and "plan to be on the road by this time next year." Will a reunion tour really "work without Beckham?"

"The Spice Girls without Posh?" said X17 Online. "What's the point?" Unfortunately, Scary, Sporty, Ginger and Baby Spice don't see it that way, and insist on resuscitating the group "one more time" anyway. Beckham is wise to skip it: "Even though Posh participated the last time, she's made it clear she's got no intentions of doing it again."

Victoria Beckham is just "too busy with her fashion" career to join the girls, said David Balls in Digital Spy. Then again, it doesn't seem as though they actually wanted her: Beckham recently "admitted" that she hadn't even been "approached about a musical comeback."

It doesn't matter anyway, said Gordon Smart in The Sun. The Spice Girls just did a reunion tour in 2007, so doing another one "next year is far too soon." More time needs to pass: "In 10 years, the novelty factor will be far better and the check fatter."