After endless speculation and rumors, said Allison Waldman in TV Squad, "the Arrested Development movie is really developing now." Michael Hurwitz, creator of the now-defunct Emmy-winning Fox series, has announced that he's "at work on the screenplay," meaning the dysfunctionally endearing Bluth family is "creeping closer to big-screen reality"—looks like fan "satisfaction may be just around the corner."

The possibility of an Arrested Development movie has "been speculated about so often that we've even started to see rumors about it on the backs of cereal boxes," said Chris Hewitt in Empire Online. But the "fact that the scripting stage has been announced indicates that the entire original cast has agreed to come back for the movie version, which had been a sticking point for Hurwitz."

"I'm not convinced the movie is really all that much closer to a reality," said Josh Wigler in This project has had so "many false starts"—I'll believe it when I see it. "Beyond that, I was actually very satisfied with the creative conclusion of the show," so "I'm not particularly desperate for more adventures with the Bluth clan."