"After nearly three rocky years," said UsMagazine.com, celebrity power couple Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel "have called it quits." Timberlake reportedly ended the relationship a month ago—"over the phone." When he was in New York in early September for Fashion Week, Timberlake "dirty-danced with a tall blonde in a short black dress" at a club, and back in June "he was allegedly spotted kissing a girl at NYC hot spot Avenue."

If Timberlake and Biel really broke up a month ago, said the UK's 3am, how are we just hearing about it now? They "must be two of the only famous people in the world whose 'friends' don't flog stories about them to the press within two seconds of hearing some gossip." But there have been rumors lately that Justin Timberlake has been getting cozy with Rihanna—now that would be "about 68,000 times more interesting."

Sorry to disappoint you, said Joey Bartolomeo and Michelle Tan in People, but Justin Timberlake's relationship with Rihanna is "purely professional"—he's working with her on her new album. And Timberlake and Jessica Biel "have not broken up. In fact, on Monday night they were photographed together while on a getaway in Northern California."