Jon Gosselin "has been booted off" Jon & Kate Plus 8, said Elizabeth Snead in the Los Angeles Times. Since Jon and Kate Gosselin filed for divorce, ratings for their reality show have dropped, but "TLC thinks people will come back to watch Kate Gosselin and those adorable kids" in the renamed Kate Plus 8. "We're shocked! You mean people don't approve of this separated man having sex with nannies, dating tabloid reporters, hanging out in Vegas, and handing off his dogs to their breeder?" I'll watch the new show—it will "be interesting to watch a single mom cope with eight kids."

Jon Gosselin won't lose any sleep over this, said Breanne L. Heldman and Ken Baker in E! Online. He reportedly "wants nothing to do with" TLC because he believes the network "has exploited his family." He's also "been trying to get out of his contract for months and hopes to be able to walk away from the couch-chatting gig sooner rather than later."

"If the show continues with just that one change," said Kate Shatzkin in The Baltimore Sun, "it won't make much difference to me." Jon Gosselin has hardly been in the new episodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8 anyway, and "watching the little Gosselin girls have tea with their newly single mother on yet another manufactured outing was like watching paint dry."