Kiss might "finally make it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame," said Ben Sisario in The New York Times. "After being snubbed for years," the group has "finally been nominated" for the honor, along with Abba, Donna Summer, Genesis, the Stooges, LL Cool J, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, among others. The inductees will be announced in January—let's see what happens.

The band certainly has been slighted over the years, said Matt Connolly in New York Press. Artists are eligible for nomination 25 years after their debut release, which means Kiss has been eligible since 1999. And the group has 24 gold records, which is pretty impressive. "Why has it taken so long for Kiss to get on the ballot? Is there some scary-clown-makeup bias amongst the voters?"

You can never "have too much fire-breathing at an awards ceremony," said Clark Collis in Entertainment Weekly. But although it's "good to see the Hall being un-snobbish about Kiss," let's face it—the band "has always unashamedly been more interested in lunch box sales than critical plaudits."