"Now this is a horrifying revelation," said Natalie Finn in E! Mackenzie Phillips, the troubled eldest daughter of the late Mamas & the Papas frontman John Phillips, says in an interview airing Wednesday with Oprah Winfrey that her famous father raped her on the eve of her wedding when she was 19. The former 'One Day at a Time' sitcom star says in her new memoir, 'High on Arrival,' that she once told her father they had to talk about when he raped her, and he replied, "You mean when we made love?"

But the story didn't end there, said Andrew Belonsky in Gawker. The relationship between John Phillips and his daughter, whose drug problems got her kicked off 'One Day at a Time,' developed into a "long-term, consensual incestuous relationship." While the rest of us are "all a bit revolted by this revelation, Mackenzie urges the public not to hate her father."

Sorry, said Alex Leo in The Huffington Post, but there's no such thing as consensual sex between an incest victim and an abuser. Mackenzie Phillips "was 19 and drugged out of her mind and her father raped her." Women who are victims of sexual assault are 26 times more likely to abuse drugs and four times more likely to contemplate suicide—Mackenzie Phillips "was in no way capable of saying no to a man who had so much influence over her."