Tom DeLay was elected to Congress 11 times, said Elliot Olshansky in the New York Daily News, but "he shouldn't expect that kind of longevity" on ABC's Dancing with the Stars. The judges on the hit ABC dancing competition "were left shocked by DeLay's hip-shaking moves" in his debut performance—one proclaimed, "You're crazier than Sarah Palin!"—but the members of the panel "were less-than-impressed with the actual dancing" (watch Tom DeLay on Dancing with the Stars).

Okay, so no one "could really call DeLay’s hip shakes, air guitar, or UPS-man-gone-Las Vegas brown costume all that seductive," said Lisa Lerer in Politico, but the former House majority leader—known as "the Hammer" for his ability to keep House Republicans in line—danced a cha-cha that "was—I’m shocked to admit—almost graceful."

Almost, said Alyssa Lee in the Los Angeles Times. Tom DeLay isn't in last place, which means he "(gasp) did not suck!" That's a big accomplishment for his professional dance partner, Cheryl Burke, who whipped him into shape. His cha-cha—to "Wild Thing"—was "perfectly functional," as was "his swinging bottom." Although the studio audience got to watch DeLay's "rampant rump shaking at a safe distance"—those at home were "smacked with the searing image in extreme close-up."