"This year's Emmys felt about as relevant and as unpredictable as ... well, as last year's Emmys," said Heather Havrilesky in Salon. During the awards ceremony Sunday night, 30 Rock, Mad Men, and The Amazing Race all won again, and The Daily Show took home "its seventh Emmy in a row." Wait a minute: "This year's Emmys are last year's Emmys! It was all just a rerun!"

"The list of Emmy winners themselves did nothing to shake up the ceremony this year," said Jennifer Armstrong in Entertainment Weekly, but "that's not to say they weren't absolutely right in most major cases"—30 Rock and Mad Men "are truly worthy of praise." And "thank goodness" for Neil Patrick Harris—the "smooth host" made the 61st Emmys show very entertaining. (watch Harris' opening act)

There were actually quite a few "surprises" at the Emmys this year, said Susan King and Matea Gold in the Los Angeles Times. Toni Collette (watch) beat out Tina Fey for lead actress in a comedy series, and Kristin Chenoweth won (watch) her first Emmy for supporting actress in Pushing Daisies, which has been cancelled. Then there was Jon Cryer's win (watch) for supporting actor in a comedy series (Two and a Half Men), which was "a bit of an upset" considering he was up against 30 Rock's Tracy Morgan and Jack McBrayer, as well as Rainn Wilson (The Office) and Kevin Dillon (Entourage).