Iran is "sinking to the low of doing business with mass murderers," said Kian Mokhtari in Kayhan International (via But the West is adamanent on meeting with us, so Tehran has agreed to talks to be held Oct. 1. "So we must talk to the murderers who supplied chemical and biological weapons to Saddam Hussein with which he wiped out an entire generation of Iranians;" we must "lower ourselves morally and spiritually to sit down with these sponsors of the Zionist entity: that cockamamie band of Tel Aviv child murderers who harvest Palestinians for body organs." It's sickening that "we have to degrade ourselves" by sitting at the same table as these "pseudo-humans whose greed has led to dozens of Africa famines and the deaths of millions due to starvation," and whose violent nature has drenched Iraq and Afghanistan with innocent blood. In the name of global cooperation, we have to do this. "We beg God to give us patience."