Director Stewart Hendler's new "slasher-thriller" Sorority Row is pure "guilty pleasure," said Des Partridge in Australia's The Courier-Mail. Centering on the fallout that ensues after five sorority girls mistakenly kill one of their sisters, this "funny" film—think "Mean Girls meets I Know What You Did Last Summer"—features an abundance of "semi-naked college girls, grisly deaths played for laughs, and a demented looking Carrie Fisher."

It also features "superior cinematography," said Dread Central, and the "young'uns and fairly squeamish in your audience may succumb to the two decent jump scares" in this movie. But other than that, Sorority Row "is a case study of a wasted opportunity in R-rated horror," with a "formulaic plot we've seen before wrapped up with a twist you won't care about one iota."

Not only that, said Allan Hunter in, but Sorority Row's "perfunctory plot" and "flippant, throwaway tone conspire against the construction of any genuine suspense or menace." It's also "too self-aware for its own good," and ends up being "just another crass slasher movie, recycling familiar ingredients to diminishing effect." Skip it.