The Beatles: Rock Band "is as much a well-crafted lesson in music history as it is a videogame," said Brett Molina in USA Today. The "virtual debut of the Fab Four" feels "like a documentary, cataloging the band's storied career," and "perhaps more so than any other music game," it "takes players on a visual and aural journey that reaches beyond pressing buttons on a plastic guitar."

"The Beatles' musical development lends itself oddly well to a game," said Brian Hiatt in Rolling Stone, and "the songs become both more difficult to play and more rewarding as the band's story moves along." But aside from that, "there's nothing particularly revolutionary here"—The Beatles: Rock Band isn't much different than the original Guitar Hero and Rock Band games.

"The Beatles are just another appropriated theme for a lucrative electronic parlor game," said Roger Catlin in the Hartford Courant. Those praising The Beatles: Rock Band are the same people who "would make you think Paint by Number is superior to going to a museum to see the masters." But then again, "these are people who were raised on the symphonies of Super Mario—anything beyond cheerily bleeping electronic ditties must sound downright celestial."